I will help you bring your service to market by creating a launch plan with objectives, a strategy, tactics, budget and timeline,:


  1. High-level competitive review/market positioning and development/review of value propositions

  2. Review/update Website, create landing pages, forms and blog

  3. Review/create social media profiles on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media

  4. Manage the marketing aspect of CRM/Email automation program, online calendar tool and integrate all tools

  5. Setup Key Performance Indicators with marketing program objectives

  6. Create content such as brochures, sales presentations, white papers, case studies, blogs and videos

  7. Execute promotional plan to generate awareness and create inbound leads for sales follow-up

  8. Build email workflows for lead follow-ups to support sales efforts

  9. Continually evaluate budget and measure/adjust effectiveness of each marketing tactic​

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Some of these tactics include:

> Marketing strategy, planning, budgeting & forecasting

> Email Automation, nurture and drip campaigns

> Client and Ideal Prospect Profiling (IPP)

> Prospect research and database creation

> Data cleansing and segmentation

> SEO, SEM, PPC, Ad Retargeting, Google Reviews

> Customer personas and segmented value propositions



> Content creation

> Social Media paid and organic marketing

> Customer growth and retention programs

> KPI and ROI development and analysis

> Marketing Team/Social Media Sales Training

> Marketing Budget Evaluation

> Agency Management

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