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How Technology gives New Meaning to the Word "Persona"

December 1, 2016



Have you ever given into temptation and filled out one of these on Facebook?




I have! And then miraculously, pop-up ads from Lexus started popping up all over the place. Is this a bad thing? Maybe not, I guess it depends on your own comfort level about how much personal information you are willing to disclose online. I can't say that the Lexus ads annoyed me. If anything, they got me thinking more and more about how I'm gonna get my dream car!


Those are my thoughts as a regular person. But now, if I put on my marketing hat, I say, WOW!


Today, we can use tools like these surveys, Web Visitor analytics and cookies to learn more about our prospects than ever before. There are even tools now that scrape and analyze public social media profiles and spit out intimate information about people that give new meaning to the word "persona."


Who cares what their title is? Now we can find out if they are aggressive, tentative, serious, casual, etc. It shows you the best way to communicate with any prospect, client, partners, etc., based on their individual personality traits. It's unbelievable. Imagine the possibilities on a larger scale where you could segment your database by personality type. Ms. Dreamer is going to get aspirational e-promos from Lexus while Mr. Practical is going to hear about Lexus' resale values.


Technology, like in every industry, has evolved into the core of marketing. The challenge for marketers now is to identify which of the thousands of tools that are available are really going to help generate leads, sales and ultimately, revenue. And then figure out how all of these tools can work together to provide meaningful analytics. Then comes the really tough part, which is "selling" the strategy and plan--and cost--to the CFO. These are all time-consuming tasks all while navigating the dozens of vendors chomping at the bits to convince you that their tool will take your marketing efforts to new heights.


It's an exciting time to be in marketing.




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