A well executed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program will yield long-term value for any company with a new Website. When done properly, you will eventually be pulling in more leads organically and can reduce your outbound marketing spend to drive leads.

SEO requires skills ranging from analytical and technical to copywriting, administrative and financial investment. You need a general marketing resource to oversee the process:

  • Analytical Skills - find the right key words. This entails competitive research, 3rd party inbound links, key word finding tools, customer feedback and a general understanding of the business.

  • Technical Skills - these will be needed to optimize code, titles, descriptions, picture and mobile optimization.

  • Copywriting - An effective SEO copywriter will understand how to incorporate key words into headers, the first paragraph of text and throughout the page without losing the flow of the copy. This has to be repeated for each page, knowing which long tail key words will drive traffic to each individual page.

  • Administrative - some of SEO requires old-fashioned, roll up your sleeves administrative tasks such as adding key words to social media profiles and posts including YouTube video descriptions, reviewing each blog to incorporate key words and hyperlinking words within the Website, two and from blogs, product pages and other marketing assets.